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A.T. Pro Radon

Mitigation and Testing

What do we do?

As a member of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, we will test and consult your house for radon with a calibrated NRPP approved tester.

We live in an area with cancer-causing levels of radiation.

Radon is created during the natural radioactive breakdown of uranium in the rocks, soil, and water. Radon is highly toxic and it is estimated that 21,000 people die every year from lung cancer because they have been exposed to radon.

Our consulting protects you with radon knowledge!

With years of experience in testing and mitigation, we will provide information on all aspects of mitigating radon from your home. We make sure you are prepared when choosing the right system.

Does your existing system even work?

In our years of experience, we have found systems that are ineffective due to the wrong type of fan or wrong suction point placement. Our testing and consultation will make sure you have peace of mind.

Our Approach

Who Determines the Right System?  You Do! You will find that when you make the call to A.T. Pro Testing with a radon problem we will be readily available to come take a look at your home to help you determine which system would work best with your home, we take everything into account! We became certified through the University of Minnesota.


Who We Are


Our Story

Who We Are….We are a family who, just like you or someone you know, have been profoundly affected by cancer.  We moved here to Janesville in 2004, and we found that according to the EPA, Rock and Dane County had a high potential for elevated radon levels. As mentioned before, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. It was our calling and belief that if we could help eliminate the chance of someone else being affected by cancer we would.


We founded A.T.Pro Testings and have been helping families since August 2005, in loving memory of Michael Louis Skinner and Sestillo “Gig” Adami.




Radon Testing & Mitigation

We provide peace of mind to you and your family in knowing that your house is at a safe radon level. Our tools are certified calibrated on a yearly basis. We also go through a device performance test every two years to ensure we are giving our clients the correct information.

Most testers on the market are not NRPP approved. Over the years of experimenting with different testing, we have found that there can be a wide gap in consistency from one tester to another.

So not only can that affect a real estate estimate by thousands of dollars, but it can put your family at risk without you knowing about it.

As consultants of radon mitigation, we can provide you with the following information. If your house has high levels of radon or you have a mitigation system that is not getting the levels down, we will inform you on how to move forward. Information like what size and type of fan you should be using, how many suction points you should have and where you should have them. How much your system should cost and how a system can be fixed that was incorrectly installed and much more.

IT Consulting

Next Steps...

Over the years we have seen homeowners who had their house test and think that it was safe to only realize years later that it wasn’t due to a bad tester. We’ve seen families believe they were living in a home that was safe because they have had a radon mitigation system installed only to see that the system was not installed correctly and reducing radon levels.

Long and Short Term Testing Available!
NRPP Certification # 109758RT
Mitigation Certification # 103633RMT


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